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Today has been the worst sunday ever, Didn’t go out like we planned to, and when it comes to watching a movie at the cinema all of the movie’s that are viewing have ALREADY all been played by the time we had organised to go there. Sometimes I wonder why I bother, I know it’s not your fault KK so don’t worry :’) 


Today has been O.K, Seeing as this is my first text paragraph or whatever, I have no idea what to put, other than I have a new Everlast coat, thanks to my papa for choosing it out for me! I’d upload a picture, but my camera has no batteries and my phone is that crap I cannot upload picture using a USB, because the file is inavlid or something stupid like that, I have no idea why i’m doing this because KK is my only follower, ok good. Bye Bye. <3 

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